Hoonah cancels July 4th celebration

    Hoonah, Alaska (KINY) - Coronavirus fatigue and a need to keep the community safe were mentioned in a letter from Mayor Gerald Byers to Hoonah residents announcing the cancellation of the July 4th fireworks and celebration.

    Mayor Byers wrote that the City wanted to move forward with the 4th of July Celebration to help bring back some sort of normalcy and boost morale.

    He noted it is also the duty of the city to ensure the safety of residents.

    Byers also noted that health care officials through Alaska have concerns that some Alaskans have developed "Coronavirus Fatigue," and are not practicing social distancing or taking other precautions that are needed during the pandemic.

    A poll of the community supported holding the event this year.  The city had asked for volunteers for this year's event on June 12 before making the announcement to cancel on June 19.




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