Coast Guard: Wreck found in Atlantic is storied cutter Bear

    A print copy of a photo of the Revenue Cutter BEAR in the ice off Point Barrow, Alaska, in August of 1898. Photo was taken by printed by "F.D. Fujiwara."

    BOSTON (AP) — A shipwreck 260 miles east of Boston has been identified as that of the storied Coast Guard ship U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear.

    Government officials said Thursday in Boston that the wreck found two years ago is almost certainly the Bear.

    It was built in 1874 and sank in 1963. Michael Healy was its captain in the late 1800s and was the first Black man to command a U.S. government vessel.

    The ship also served in two World Wars and performed patrols in waters off Alaska for decades.

    Sports teams at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut are named the Bears.

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