Assembly committee wants to work with human rights

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly Human Resources Committee promised to pursue a joint meeting with the Human Rights Commission to work on a resolution addressing systemic and structural racism in the CBJ.

    Chairman Wade Bryson said he felt the two groups could work together to create a great resolution for the city.

    The human rights commission has met four times since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    They advocate looking at education, health, law enforcement and economic justice to start.  The group also listed four main issues, racial justice, economic justice, education justice and health care justice.

    The proposed resolution challenges the CBJ to hold itself accountable to the reality of racism in Juneau and explore short and long term anti racism measures and accountability systems both for the system and individuals.

    A letter from the commission to the assembly stated the process of anti-racism is visionary and long-term, and requires ensuring that the voices of those directly impacted by racism are heard.

    Commission member Britta Tonnessen said transparency in the process is important and she thanked the assembly committee for wanting to work together on the resolution.

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