Conservationists in Alaska signing breath of relief with flip in U. S. House

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Officials of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council talked about a big change coming for the next Congress while guests on Action Line.

    Buck Lindekugal is SEACC's grassroots attorney.  "I think conservationists in Alaska are definitely sighing a breath of relief regarding the House flipping and that will be a break on some serious issues that we'll be watching. It helps balance the threat."

    Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young has sponsored legislation that would transfer a million acres of land in the Tongass National Forest to the state.  Lindekugal says the state couldn't make money on those lands just like the national forest.    He added that it would have been a serious waste of taxpayer money.

    Lindekugal points out that the bill wasn't going anywhere even as Young served in the majority and agreed its chances will be even more diminished in a Democrat controlled U. S. House.  He calls that good news.


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